Meet Meaghan : Our Sweet and Fabolous Natural Gal Next Door 




                        Meaghan Lindsey is 4a fabulous and a well-known influencer. Her Instagram page is a celebration of natural hair. She uses Highlights to invite her followers into her haircare routine – sharing videos of her hair washes, product reviews, and to share honest messages about her own natural hair journey. Her Feed is also packed with tip and beauty tutorials on how she keeps her hair looking fabulous.


Instagram: @themeaghanlindsey


YouTube: Meaghan Lindsey

Twitter: meaghanlindsey_


 What is your name and where you from? 

          “ My name is Meaghan Linsey, I'm from Lafayette, LA”


What or who inspired you to go natural? 

         “I have had relaxed hair ever since I can remember! I believe my first relaxer was when I was in the 2nd grade. My hair was always full and thick and I usually relaxed my hair every 6 weeks. I started to experiment with weaves and wigs. My favorite go-to style was the U-part wig but I started to neglect my “real” hair! Under that wig cap was a hot mess!! I wasn’t keeping it moisturized or trimmed. I was never one to totally have to depend on weave because I always had healthy relaxed hair, but my hair took a turn for the worst and BOOM I needed to wear weave! My hair was so damaged and thin that I didn’t want to walk around with my real hair! I started noticing I was balding where I would bobby pin the U-part wig and by this time I felt defeated and I knew I needed to do something different! I started to do my research! I found that your hair is most healthy in its natural state! I watched YouTube video after YouTube video until I made a conscious decision that I wanted healthy hair! So I began my natural hair journey!”


When did you bigchop? 

      “May 22, 2015 and I recorded it! My big chop video is on my youtube channel!


 How long did it take you to transition or did you just do a bigchop? 

         “I transitioned for 11 months. My goal was to transition for a year, but I couldn't take the two textures any longer, so I chopped it off!”


 Do you see yourself being natural forever ? 

          “ Yes. I do not miss being relaxed at all.”


 Do you have a hair care regimen? If Yes please share your daily, weekly, monthly hair care regimens.

           “My weekly hair care regimen consists of shampooing, deep conditioning with heat for 20-30 minutes, LOC method to moisturize, and low manipulation styles.”


What advice would you give to any newly transitioned naturalista.

          It's OK to get inspiration from other naturalistas, but it is important to learn your own hair. Find out your hair porosity, which ingredients your hair responds well to, and get ready to experiment with different methods and hairstyles. It's OK to fail, keep notes, and try again!”


Did you make any hair care mistakes when you started your natural hair journey?

           “ If yes please share what it is and how to avoid this. There are two major mistakes I have made on my natural hair journey-- 1.) I bleached my hair. It changed my hair texture and damaged my hair. 2.) I stopped getting trims. I think it is important to get trims. It improves the overall health of your hair, and maximizes growth!”


Please give me any other tips you might have missed out.

          “Be patient and don't stress yourself out. At the end of the day, it's just hair!!!”